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Welcome to the Frontpage

If you say, "I've heard of Brad Parker," probably you have!

He's played from Maine to North Carolina, Nashville to Chicago. Brad has been on TV and radio, and has sold records and CDs around the world; yet, he remains one of the music world's best kept secrets. How can that be in this day of over exposure? Isn't it refreshing to know that there is something or someone that isn't?

Brad's first time playing in a city was in Boston! To this day, he enjoys thinking of his many performances in that area. "To me, Boston is as close to being home as a metropolitan area can be for a country boy."

If you consider how songs are written, and Brad has written a lot of them, you can work by yourself away from the big sound of bands. Brad says, "I think most musicians just love to get together and play! I remember as a child watching people play, only to think that someday I'm going to play too! People always seem to have fun and be happy when there is music.  As a writer, I have concluded it's about the song and the many levels of work that go into perfecting them.  Having a lot of songs is what it takes to do a full show and they need to work together as a collection to have a great show.  I've always wanted to achieve this great task, and after great amount of work I believe I have."

Although he plays several instruments, he has focused on his guitar, fiddle, and voice. All of Brad's years of working in the recording studio have taught him that art. This has contributed to improving his writing, as well as to giving us some wonderful songs, which are only now becoming available for all to hear.

Bradley Winfield Parker has always been an independent, creative person, who works hard at what he believes is most important--the songs. Brad has focused on song-writing for many years. "It is very difficult not to be influenced by other music around us, when there is so much. I love all kinds of music! However, when I write, I really enjoy simple melodies that anyone can sing, and lyrics which are interesting and cause you to think--if only for a moment."

He has now released his third album/cd using his whole name. "There are many Brad Parkers in the music business. So, I realized that there is probably only one Bradley Winfield Parker, and that's why I use my whole name. Thank you so much for taking the time to come to my Website! I hope that you enjoy the music, and that it makes you happy. If you would like to contact me, please do! We will also try to give you updates on performances, cds and a little trivia about "Bradland," etc."

Welcome to Brad's "Music the way I write it."


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Brad's latest album...
Cold November Night
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Appalachian Gold
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