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Brad's home is New Hampshire, growing up in the mountains of the Appalachian Range in the shadow of Mount Washington. Early on Brad took to song writing, feeling that was what music was all about for him.

As most young musicians, Brad played anywhere he could, which led him to play with some of the finest players, who taught him in ways that he could not have known. He has found a way to create a blend of music which he has written in Cold November Night and Appalachian Gold, Done Turned On and others.

Brad was one of the founding members of the now legendary Franconia Notch Band. He went on to record an album with Waylon Records and the Virgina based Seabird Band. Brad's long-time friend and fellow band member, Wayne Ferreira, also of the Franconia Notch Band, has played all the drum tracks on his current recordings, and is the drummer for the current band which is now in rehearsals for upcoming concerts. Most all the people playing on the last two cds are in the band. All have been invited to be a part of the concert touring band.

Brad is a multi-talented instrumentalist with a unique voice and feel for the songs he creates. The music he writes flows easily from different modes. Yet, in any style he seems to have a common link provided by his country roots.

Many years ago, Brad was diagnosed with "industrial hearing loss." The only thing that could be done for that problem was to get away from all sound. Brad continued to write songs, although there was no way to play without creating more problems for his hearing.

Ultimately, Brad found his way into the recording studio where he found the correct person and place to assist him with his situation. Since that time, he's created several new albums. Technology has advanced, and even playing in concerts is a possibility today, when it was not possible in years past. He only hopes to be happy and to do what he loves--the music.

It is said by Brad's friends, the music is the essence of Brad, it just seems to flow from his very soul with such ease, and he writes so many songs that he doesn't have time to learn them before moving on to the recording studio.

We can only hope that Brad continues to find ways to bring his musical ideas forward in production, so that we can hear them all.  Brad's email is This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  should you want to contact him.


Done Turned On

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